Alpha Serpentis Developments ("ASD") works with several individuals or communities to better both the community/individual and Alpha Serpentis Developments. We're committed to fostering a healthy community and relations.


Currently, most of our partners consist of various cryptocurrency communities, however, we sought expansion of our future partners.


Note Blockchain

Note Blockchain ($NTBC) is a Scrypt-based cryptocurrency that uses "notes" to easily transfer $NTBC on various platforms. They've combined social media with a cryptocurrency wallet of their own.


Minerium Coin

Minerium ($MINR) is a SHA256-based cryptocurrency that utilizes a 25% miner/75% masternode reward system and every few 3-4 months, their block reward increases temporarily via "superday."



Graviocoin ($GIO) is a Scrypt-based cryptocurrency used natively on the Graviex cryptocurrency exchange. It can be mined and be used to earn dividends or reduce trading fees on the platform.


RP Scarlet Group

The RP Scarlet Group are a group of developers currently using Project Velocity as their game engine, and currently working alongside as both their game and the engine progresses.