Here at Alpha Serpentis Developments, we want to make open-source projects so that anyone interested can learn more about our work ethic, how things are done, and push for a more transparent business model. 

Current & Future Projects

Project lynx - discord bot


Project Lynx is an experimental bot from its predecessors after experimenting with Java Discord API ("JDA"). It is aimed to be lightweight, meaning it can be easily deployed and without bloat in it.

Project Velocity - 2d game engine


Project Velocity is in response to the large game engines out there such as Unreal Engine or Unity. It is aimed at RPG/Indie developers who wish to program in Java. 
Project Velocity is currently closed-source.

Paw Pools - The altcoin mining pool


Paw Pools is an alternative coin mining pool, using the open-source mining pool software by AOD Technologies. It is a host to a few altcoins, though expansion is always being sought after.

Paw Pools Token ($PAW)


Paw Pools Token is an open-source cryptocurrency built atop of the Ethereum network conformed to the ERC20 standard. At the moment, it is under testing on the Ropsten network and seeking regulatory compliance with the SEC.