About US

Although Alpha Serpentis Developments ("ASD") was founded by Russel Campollo, the formation of ASD wouldn't come to be without the support of my old and current friends, family, and even strangers who wanted to see something good come out of me. ASD is an independent entity owned and operated solely by Russel Campollo.


About Alpha serpentis developments' founder


Live Your Own Life; Not Another's.


Russel Campollo, or otherwise known by the online aliases of "Amethyst," "Ammy," and "AlphaSerpentis," is an aspiring developer in the field of blockchain technology and fintech. I have interests in videogame development, trading securities (stocks and options), and cryptocurrencies, and a person full of curiosity in the fields that I find a passion for.


Graduated from Patricia E. Paetow High School in May 2020 following a STEM endorsement.

My skills

Started programming in Lua back in 2016, but shifted my development to Java by 2018, adding C++ in 2019.

Participated in AP-level courses and graduated with a STEM-based path.

First-hand experience with programming in Java, C++, and Solidity personally and for blockchain experiments.

Whether or not I am in school, my mind will continue to yearn to learn more. I will never stop learning. Life is all about learning.